2018/19 Cricket Pre-season Program

2018/19 Cricket Pre-season Program is Open Now!

Jock Athletic delivers a pre-season program specifically designed for all cricket athletes.

With over 30 years experience in successfully training and preparing cricketers for performance, from juniors right through to the Australian Cricket Team, Jock knows how to best prepare young & old cricket athletes.

The Cricket Pre-season program encompasses:

  • All physical sessions, including speed training, conditioning
  • Running technique
  • Core, hip and shoulder stability
  • Gym strength & power
  • Flexibility
  • Bowling introduction + workloads

FOR FAST BOWLERS, Our pre-season training program aims to:

  • Reduce the risk of common fast bowling injuries
  • Increase bowling speed
  • Increase endurance

Program Options

16 Week Program

The ideal length for a cricket pre-season program, for all ages 14yrs+, particularly for seniors and fast bowlers. Includes:

  • Minimum 2 conditioning sessions per week
  • 2 Gym sessions per week
  • Bowling training and Workloads (from 10 weeks before season start)

12 Week Program

Delivers the same program as the 16 week, with less lead-in time

'Lite' Program

A modified pre-season program, targeted for those athletes with busy school or after-school schedules. Includes:

  • 1 Conditioning session per week
  • 1 Gym session per week
  • 1 Bowling training session per week (from 10 weeks before the season starts)


Stage 1: Individual Testing and Screening

From the individual's test results we will give specific recommendations in regards to flexibility, strength, conditioning and stability. Having the screening day months out from the start of season allows the individual to address any problems and enough to prepare for the season to minimise the risk of injury, whilst preparing for increased cricket-specific physical performance.

Stage 2: Complete Pre-season Phyiscal Training

Each athlete will be prescribed a periodised program encompassing all physical sessions, including speed training, conditioning, running technique, core, hip and shoulder stability, gym strength & power, bowling introduction + workloads & flexibility, up to 5 training sessions per week.

To ensure the recommendations and programs are adhered to and done with the correct technique, all sessions are specific to the individual and supervised. This is the way to get the best and most thorough results. Each athlete will be given free access to the BOWLFIT App, which will provide individual training programs for each athlete, monitor the athlete's progress, adapt and respond to missed sessions, prescribe bowling programs and monitor workloads.

Start Dates:

16 Week Program:  11 June -29 September 2018

12 Week Program: 25 June - 15 September 2018


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For any other questions, please contact us directly via email or phone:

Email: info@jockathletic.com

Phone: 0415 998 636